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Please remember, if SAD #61 cancels school because of the inclement weather, Tai Chi will not meet.  Stay home and practice instead!

 Practice (for all)

Set Practice 
10 a.m.

Beginner Class 
10 AM. 
...and you will too!
"Tai Chi in the Park"
Set Practice Tai Chi Class
Bridgton Old Town Hall at 10:00 AM on Tuesdays

This class offers open practice sessions where students who have already learned the 108 moves of the Tai Chi Form of Master Moy Lin-Shin can get additional help and practice. Students determine which of the moves to concentrate on during a given session. You will have an opportunity to improve each move in order to derive maximum relaxation and health benefits. The class will do at least one complete set of the 108 moves at each practice session. Even if you are new to Tai Chi Maine, or a new graduate of the Beginner Class, you will feel comfortable with this group and will have many people in the class to help you.

Practice for all
 Bridgton Old Town Hall at 10:00 a.m. on Fridays
Everyone can practice moves and get extra help with any move they wish.  As always, experienced guides will be there to help.  All experienced folks are encouraged to attend the practice to get to know our beginning students and to practice an refine their own moves.

Each summer Monday, we meet at the Bicentennial Park in Denmark on Route 160 -- right next to the Moose Pond Dam -- to practice Tai Chi together. We concentrate on the first 17 Tai Chi moves, the rushing water, singing birds, and the smells of summer in Maine. It is a great way to begin your week and enjoy Maine. We hope you will join us for free Tai Chi and friendship. Rainy days will find us in the Denmark Municipal Building, 62 East Main St.
Tai Chi in the Park
Bridgton Old Town Hall
26 N. High Street 
Denmark Bicentennial Park
West Main Street

Check out the Benefits page to learn what Tai Chi can do for you.  In addition to improving balance, concentration and circulation, you will meet a great group of people who are very friendly and supportive. 
Join us in sharing the life force, or energy, (Chi) benefits of practicing the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi. Led by an instructor--friends join together to support and help each other in learning a sequence of 108 Tai Chi Moves. The movements emphasize a straight spine, proper breathing and a natural range of motions. These smooth movements will treat your whole body to a relaxing and gentle workout, but don't let Tai Chi's slow movements fool you. Done with concentration, Tai Chi's low-impact movements will burn more calories than surfing and nearly as many as downhill skiing. Best of all, anyone can practice Tai Chi, regardless of age or physical ability. Tai Chi Maine is a not-for-profit organization and the classes are free. 

Because of the Coronavirus
Tai Chi classes and practices are cancelled 
until further notice