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> Moy Lin-Shin Tai Chi Principles for Beginners
>108 Moves of the Tai Chi Form of Moy Lin-Shin
> Ordering Tai Chi Shoes
Join us in sharing the life force, or energy, (Chi) benefits of practicing the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi. Led by an instructor--friends join together to support and help each other in learning a sequence of 108 Tai Chi Moves. The movements emphasize a straight spine, proper breathing and a natural
range of motions. These smooth movements will treat your whole body to a relaxing and gentle workout, but don't let Tai Chi's slow movements fool you. Done with concentration, Tai Chi's low-impact movements will burn
more calories than surfing and nearly as
many as downhill skiing. Best of all, anyone can
practice Tai Chi, regardless of age or physical
ability. Tai Chi Maine is a non-profit organization
and the classes are free. Tai Chi Maine also
believes in giving back to the communities where
we hold our classes.
Tai Chi Moves
Each week of the Beginner's Tai Chi Class we will post the moves you have learned that week. Just click on the move you would like to download and it will come up on your screen. You may save the move in a file or print out a copy of the move. All 25 first moves have been posted for your convenience. In two weeks this file will be cleaned out and only the moves you are learning will be posted.
Download Tai Chi Moves Here:
Highlight the desired move one at a time, to download a PDF and print out a copy of each move.

> Move  45:  Right Foot Kick
>  Move  46:  Hit Tiger Left
>  Move  47:  Hit Tiger Right
>  Move  48:  Right Heel Kick
>  Move  49:  Strike Ears with Fists
>  Move  50:  Left Heel Kick
>  Move  51:  Left Heel Kick
>  Move  52:  Chop with Fist
>  Move  53:  Step-up, Delfect, Parry & Punch
>  Move  54:  Apparent Close-up
>  Move  55:  Cross Hands
>  Move  56:  Carry Tiger to Mountain
>  Move  57:  Horizontal Single Whip
>  Move  58 - 62:  Parting Wild Horse's Mane (R), (L), (R), (L), (R)
>  Move  63:  Left Grasp Bird's Tail
>  Move  64:  Grasp Bird's Tail
>  Move  65:  Single Whip
>  Move  66:  Fair Lady Works at Shuttle (L)
>  Move  67:  Fair Lady Works at Shuttle (R)
>  Move  68:  Fair Lady Works at Shuttle (L)
>  Move  69:  Fair Lady Works at Shuttle (R)
>  Move  70:: Left Grasp Bird's Tail
>  Move  71:  Grasp Bird's Tail
>  Move  72:  Single Whip
Free Tai Chi Classes
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Bridgton will be using the Old Town Hall for the town Halloween Party, 31 Oct. & Election Day, 7 Nov.
Tai Chi Maine
Pleased to Sponsor
Pony Shea
In the instruction of

Tibetan White Swan

A form of Tai Chi that will focus on improving memory and balance
Click here to view a video of Pony Shea's form of Tibetan White Swan.
Studies indicate that Seniors who regularly participate in the practice of Tai Chi have a reduced risk of falling. For more information, click here.
From time-to-time the Town of Bridgton will use the Old Town Hall. You will find a notification here when that occurs. Otherwise all Tai Chi Maine classes are held here at the OTH; with the exception of Tai Chi in the Park. Tai Chi in the Park is held in Denmark at the Bicentennial Park from June through August.
White Swan is a new short form of Tibetan Tai Chi that is easy to learn. In just 27 easy to follow moves, White Swan is a wonderful form of Tai Chi that provides excellent stretching exercises and a source of improved posture.

White Swan has a delightful story to accompany the moves. Join us for new friends and a great soft workout.
Congratulations to the Spring 2017 Tai Chi Maine Graduates. Each graduate has successfully learned all 108 moves of the Master Moy Lin-Shin form of Tai Chi. All members of Tai Chi Maine welcome each new graduate to the Tuesday Set Practice Session -- where a room full of new friends await you.
The Fall 2017 Beginner Class is underway. You still have  time to join and catch up with the class. We have Guides and Corners who will help you with the first moves that you have missed. And, the Friday Morning, 10:00 AM Beginner Practice class led by Kappy Sprenger will help you sharpen all those new moves. We look forward to having you with us.
... and you will too!
Both Tai Chi Set Practice and White Swan classes are canceled for 31 Oct. & 7 Nov.
See you again on Tuesday, 14 Nov.
Thursday & Friday Classes will be held.