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> Moy Lin-Shin Tai Chi Principles for Beginners
>108 Moves of the Tai Chi Form of Moy Lin-Shin
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Join us in sharing the life force, or energy, (Chi) benefits of practicing the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi. Led by an instructor--friends join together to support and help each other in learning a sequence of 108 Tai Chi Moves. The movements emphasize a straight spine, proper breathing and a natural
range of motions. These smooth movements will treat your whole body to a relaxing and gentle workout, but don't let Tai Chi's slow movements fool you. Done with concentration, Tai Chi's low-impact movements will burn
more calories than surfing and nearly as
 many as downhill skiing. Best of all, anyone can
practice Tai Chi, regardless of age or physical
ability. Tai Chi Maine is a non-profit organization
and the classes are free. Tai Chi Maine also
believes in giving back to the communities where
we hold our classes.
Tai Chi Moves
During the Beginner Tai Chi Class we will post the moves learned to date.  Click on the move you would like to review and practice.  You may download the file(s) or print at your convenience. Prior moves are available in groups.
Download Tai Chi Moves Here:
Highlight the desired move one at a time, to download a PDF and print out a copy of each move.

Move 72 - Single Whip
Move 73 - Wave Hands as Clouds (7)
Move 73 - continued
Move 74 - Single Whip
Move 75 - Snake Creeps Down
Move 76 - Golden Cock Stands on One Leg (R,L)
Move 77 - Repulse Monkey (R)
Move 78 - Repulse Monkey (L)
Move 79 - Repulse Monkey (R)
Move 80 - Slanting Flying
Move 81 - Step-up and Raise Hands
Move 82 - Stork Cools Wings
Move 83 - Brush Knee
Move 84 - Needle at Sea Bottom
Move 85 - Fan Through Back
Move 86 - Turn & White Snake Puts Out Tongue
Move 87 - Deflect, Parry & Punch
Move 88 - Step-up to Grasp Bird's Tail
Move 89 - Single Whip

Moves 54 - 71
Moves 36 - 53 
Moves 18 - 35 ​
Moves 1 - 17 
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Free Tai Chi Classes
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Tai Chi
Everyone is Welcome
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Studies indicate that Seniors who regularly participate in the practice of Tai Chi have a reduced risk of falling. For more information, click here.
 Friday practice class for all has a change in time.  Because of the parking lot logjam, Practice will begin at 10:15.

Please remember, if SAD #61 cancels school because of the inclement weather, Tai Chi will not meet.  Stay home and practice instead!

 Practice (for all)
10:15 a.m.
 Tuesdays are now Set Practice Thursday Classes are New Beginner Classes

Beginner Class 
at 10 AM. 
Check out the "Benefits" page to learn what Tai Chi can do for you. In addition to improving you balance, concentration, and circulation; you will meet a great group of people who are very friendly and supportive.
...and you will too!
"Tai Chi in the Park"
Each summer on Mondays we meet at the Bicentennial Park in Denmark on Route 160 -- right next to the Moose Pond Dam -- to practice Tai Chi together. We concentrate on the first 17 Tai Chi moves, the rushing water, singing birds, and the smells of summer in Maine. It is a great way to begin your week and enjoy Maine. We hope you will join us for free Tai Chi and friendship.
Tibetan White Swan
This form of Tai Chi has 27 Moves and is a series of gentle movements that help to improve memory and balance. Pomona taught Tibetan White Swan moves with grace and agility as she told a story of the journey through life.  This is an excellent introduction to Tai Chi. The class has concluded, but you may still practice the moves by watching Tibetan White Swan video.

Ann and Althea will host a new Tibetan Swan class.  Watch this space for updates.
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