On the last Saturday of April each year at 10 AM, tens of thousands in
                                       hundreds of cities, in over 70 nations
                                       come together to breath together--to
                                       provide the world a healing image of our                                           planet and our people. On 29 April, 2017,
                                       six Tai Chi Maine members journeyed to
                                       the beautiful Bowdoin College Campus in
                                       Brunswick, Maine. We celebrated 2017 
                                       World Tai Chi day with other Maine Tai 
                                       Chi groups. We participated in group exercises and learned some new jongs; and completed a full set of the 108 Moves of our Tai Chi Form of Moy Lin-Shin. It was invigorating to be part of such a large group of Tai Chi folks who also showed off their own forms of Tai Chi.
Tai Chi was originally developed in China for self-defense, but has evolved into a low impact form of exercise. This graceful form of exercise provides numerous health benefits, including stress reduction.  A 2005 study by the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association found Tai Chi
to be one of the fastest growing forms of exercise among Americans. 
Tai Chi moves create a rhythmic pattern of movement that is coordinated with breathing to help you achieve a sense of inner calm. Each move flows into the next to provide you with a gentle and continuous motion workout. Click on the NIH logo below to read what the National Institutes of Health says about the benefits of Tai Chi.
~ Health Benefits of Tai Chi ~

The research references on this page are meant to stimulate a discussion between you and your physician, not as medical advice. As always, consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program.
Reduce Stress
Improve Balance
Improve Muscle  Tone
Improve Flexibility
Increase Lung  Function
Improve  Coordination
Improve Circulation
Improve Posture
Strengthen Focus
National Institutes of Health.