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The Mission of Tai Chi Maine ~

Promote: To promote the practice of Tai Chi as a life-long health benefit. To show people how to bring relaxation and renewed energy into their lives. To introduce students to breathing techniques that will invigorate their bodies

Teach: To provide free classes to teach our students the tai chi movements as Moy Lin-Shin developed them, and to introduce students to Qigong breathing exercises. To teach our students to encourage, help and support each other.
Train: To train volunteer instructors and support the growth and development of corners and guides who will be able to encourage and help new students to acquire the skills to practice Tai Chi to the best of their abilities.
Unite: To create a united group of people who care about and support each other during instruction to help each other in learning the Tai Chi moves, and in sharing the Chi!
Serve: To serve as an organization that provides support to non-profit humanitarian and environmental causes, and to donate financial and volunteer service in a variety of ways in our local communities.

Tai Chi Maine operates under the sponsorship of the Bridgton Recreational Department, holding three, free classes a week in the Town Hall on North High Street. Tai Chi Maine is grateful to the Rec Department and to the Town of Bridgton for the use of this facility and is happy to contribute to the community by supporting these programs. 

In addition to donations to the Recreational Department, Tai Chi Maine contributes to the Bridgton Food Pantry. Tai Chi Maine also chooses a Denmark non-profit organization at the end of each summer in appreciation for the use of the Denmark Bicentennial Park for the Tai Chi in the Park program.

Tai Chi Maine is a "not for profit" organization and is not affiliated with any religious society.

FOOD BANK CONTRIBUTIONS: Food Bank contributions is one of Tai Chi Maine's community services in keeping with our Mission statement. Food bank officials tell us that they are able to make cash dollars go further in purchasing needed items. 
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Earth Elements

Tai Chi In Maine Contributions 
March 2019-February 2020
Bridgton food pantry donation: $3023
(includes $605 in memory of Gail Nixon and Judy Genesio)
Denmark Park Fund: $240 (for use of facilities)
Bridgton Rec Department: $800 (for use of facilities)
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