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Tai Chi Instructor:
Brian Grennan
Brian Grennan leads his Tai Chi classes with talent, humor, patience, and just the right touch of rigor. Brian has been practicing and teaching Moy Lin-Shin Tai Chi for seventeen years. He is particularly gifted at breaking down complicated moves in a way that students quickly grasp. Brian fosters a caring and can-do attitude among his students. Brian also has trained a cadre of guides and corners to help you follow along--no matter how new you are to Tai Chi Maine. You will be able to see and follow a guide or corner from any beginner's position in the room, and you will always find
warm friendly smiles.
Beginner Tai Chi Class
Thursdays at 10:00 AM at the Bridgton Town Hall.

The concept of learning 108 moves may seem daunting, but you will be surprised at how quickly you will learn and how much fun it is.
Please bring indoor shoes (to protect the gym floor) and wear comfortable clothing.
This class offers beginner's instruction on each of the 108 moves of the Tai Chi Form of Master Moy Lin-Shin, and Qigong breathing techniques. You are welcome and will feel comfortable in joining the class at any point. In addition to the encouragement and support of your fellow students; guides and corners are available to help you at each step along the way.
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Tai Chi Moves
During the Beginner Tai Chi class, we will post the moves learned to date.  Click on the move you would like to review and practice.  You may download the files to print at your convenience.
Move 1 - Commencement of Tai Chi
Move 2 - Left Grasp Bird's Tail
Move 3 - Grasp Bird's Tail
Move 4 - Single Whip
Move 5 - Step up and Raise Hands
Move 6 - Stork Cools Wings
Move 7 Brush Knee
Move 8 - Play the Peipa
Move 9 - Brush Knee and Twist Step Left
Move 10 - Brush Knee and Twist Step Right
Move 11 - Brush Knee
Move 12 - Play the Peipa
Move 13 - Brush Knee and Twist Step Left
Move 14 - Chop with Fist
Move 15 - Step up, Deflect, Parry and Punch
Move 16 - Apparent Close-up
Move 17 - Cross Hands

Download Tai Chi
moves here

The Tibetan White Swan
This form of Tai Chi has 27 Moves and is a series of gentle movements that help to improve memory and balance. Pomona taught Tibetan White Swan moves with grace and agility as she told a story of the journey through life. This is an excellent introduction to Tai Chi. The class has concluded, but you may still practice the moves by watching Tibetan White Swan video.

Ann and Althea will host a new Tibetan Swan class. Watch this space for updates.